Villa’s Do Vegas

Corban showing his project before presenting at r00tz 2017.

Every summer (well, most summers) we pack up and head to Las Vegas for DefCon.  Of course, this has to be in August, when the temperatures are as hot as, oh, I don’t know, the devil’s armpit?  Why they can’t reschedule this conference for January is beyond my comprehension.  Anyway, despite the heat and inevitable crowds of humanity, away we go.

My crazy-smart kid had submitted a presentation proposal to r00tz and was accepted (yay!).  He was nervous and excited and worked hard to be ready for his presentation.  I would explain what it was about, but my geek cred is not quite strong enough to fully comprehend it.  It involved blue tooth technology and wifi and hacking and other awesome concepts.

Corban preparing for his r00tz presentation.
Corban getting ready to present at r00tz in Las Vegas.

His dad and I were both ridiculously proud.  And I know he was nervous but his presentation was awesome.  After that part was over, he was free to relax and enjoy the rest of the conference, network with other security geeks and collect another closetful of t-shirts. (Seriously – so many shirts).

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