When I was pregnant with Corban, my beautiful cousin, Wendi, was pregnant with her first child, Matthew. Corban was due before Matt, but Matt was born about two weeks earlier. (This has turned into an ongoing debate between the boys about who is really the oldest).

The boys first met when they were toddlers, and hit it off instantly. And adorably. They met again around age around age 6 and it became obvious that this was just the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

As they grew, even when they were living far away from each other and not able to spend much time together, they seemed to experience almost the same phases and interests. I remember pulling into Wendi’s driveway and watching Corban get out of the car, completely immersed in a “Plants vs. Zombies” game on his dad’s iPod while Matt walked toward him, also completely immersed in a “Plants vs. Zombies” game on his dad’s iPod.

After Matt’s family moved back to Washington State a couple of years ago, we made a promise that the boys would get together at least once a year, no matter what. So far we’ve kept that promise with a one Christmas in Utah, one in Washington, and summer visits.

Now they’re teenagers and the next few years will be full of all kinds of new life experiences. They’ll be driving in about five minutes (oh, my heart) dating, becoming more independent and choosing colleges. I’m grateful to have Wendi’s perspective while I navigate all these parenting adventures.

Witnessing the friendship between these two boys, and listening to them giggle and talk and game (thank goodness for online gaming that allows them to spend weekends together from different states) brings me much happiness. Seeing them together in real life brings even more happiness :).

Happy Birthday, Matthew and Corban! We love you more than you’ll ever know.