What do you do when you non-sporty kid asks to join the Ultimate Frisbee Team at his new school?  You go with it, even if the practices are at an unreasonable hour of the morning before human beings should be awake and out of bed.  You research “cleats” on Amazon and learn the difference between any old frisbee and the Discraft 175 gram frisbee.

This was unexpected, but I admire my son for trying something new.  His coaches are inclusive and kind. Their priority is on showing up and working hard, rather than coming into the game with previous skills.  The other kids on the team encourage and support each other.  As far as team sports go, this seems to be a good one.

The last game was on a Friday afternoon, with 60-ish degree weather, a beautiful blue sky and the perfect amount of sunshine.  It was kind of blissful.  Their team didn’t win, but they improved from the last game and had a lot of fun.

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