This blog is a record of events that happen in my life and my family’s life. I’m a mom of a very smart, kind, amazing teenage boy.  He is my heart.  He and my (also very smart, kind and amazing husband) are all involved in the open-source tech community.  We have a 13-year-old dog who has become a little grumpy in his old age but is happy enough if given bacon-flavored treats and lots of nap time on the couch.

I care a lot about things like gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and resources for immigrants and refugees.  I get twitchy when I encounter racism, sexism, and other offensive “isms.”

Currently, my time is spent learning HTML & CSS, everything I can possibly learn about WordPress-dot-com, and driving my son to all of his various activities.  Also doing Zumba, because that keeps me sane (sort of).