Wait, what? You want to join a frisbee team?

Boys running on a soccer field playing a game.

What do you do when you non-sporty kid asks to join the Ultimate Frisbee Team at his new school?  You go with it, even if the practices are at an unreasonable hour of the morning before human beings should be awake and out of bed.  You research “cleats” on Amazon and learn the difference between any old frisbee and the Discraft 175 gram frisbee.

This was unexpected, but I admire my son for trying something new.  His coaches are inclusive and kind. Their priority is on showing up and working hard, rather than coming into the game with previous skills.  The other kids on the team encourage and support each other.  As far as team sports go, this seems to be a good one.

The last game was on a Friday afternoon, with 60-ish degree weather, a beautiful blue sky and the perfect amount of sunshine.  It was kind of blissful.  Their team didn’t win, but they improved from the last game and had a lot of fun.

Cousins & Besties

When I was pregnant with Corban, my beautiful cousin, Wendi, was pregnant with her first child, Matthew. Corban was due before Matt, but Matt was born about two weeks earlier. (This has turned into an ongoing debate between the boys about who is really the oldest).

The boys first met when they were toddlers, and hit it off instantly. And adorably. They met again around age around age 6 and it became obvious that this was just the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

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Korean BBQ? Yes, please!

Meat cooking on a table grill at Hobak Korean BBQ.

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Victor did some hunting and found this restaurant, Hobak Korean BBQ, just a few minutes away from downtown Las Vegas. It was AMAZING. We were starving after not eating much all day and this dinner absolutely hit the spot.

We were seated at a table with a grill in the center, and our waiter brought a selection of appetizers. I’m not the world’s most adventurous food person, but I tried everything and really liked the food. There were a lot of pickled vegetables, something that resembled scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, and a salad.  We ordered a family feast.  And it was a feast.  There were different meats that had been marinated and were cooked right at the table.  Our waiter ran from table to table, impressively keeping up with everyone and cooking the meat perfectly.

The meal ended with an ice cream dessert. I was supposedly not eating sugar that week, but I tasted the dessert and it was delicious.  We were all full and very happy when we went back to our hotel and collapsed into a food coma.

If you’re making a trip to Las Vegas, check this place out. You won’t be sorry!

Villa’s Do Vegas

Corban showing his project before presenting at r00tz 2017.

Every summer (well, most summers) we pack up and head to Las Vegas for DefCon.  Of course, this has to be in August, when the temperatures are as hot as, oh, I don’t know, the devil’s armpit?  Why they can’t reschedule this conference for January is beyond my comprehension.  Anyway, despite the heat and inevitable crowds of humanity, away we go.

My crazy-smart kid had submitted a presentation proposal to r00tz and was accepted (yay!).  He was nervous and excited and worked hard to be ready for his presentation.  I would explain what it was about, but my geek cred is not quite strong enough to fully comprehend it.  It involved blue tooth technology and wifi and hacking and other awesome concepts.

Corban preparing for his r00tz presentation.
Corban getting ready to present at r00tz in Las Vegas.

His dad and I were both ridiculously proud.  And I know he was nervous but his presentation was awesome.  After that part was over, he was free to relax and enjoy the rest of the conference, network with other security geeks and collect another closetful of t-shirts. (Seriously – so many shirts).